Voice Over for Business

Voice Over & Off Camera Audio Recordings

Voice Over & Off Camera Audio Recordings impress clients on YouTube, radio commercials, interactive phone systems & more with out Studio quality audible branding services.

Most businesses can benefit from having a professional produced & edited off camera audio. These audio recordings can be used in your You Tube video’s, online commercials, radio commercials, interactive phone systems and more.

Provide your clients a studio quality audible experience that separates you from your competition.

Check out the different post production variations of the same Voice Over recording by Web Source for Web Source.

Web Source Group Services Over Commercial

Original Speed

120% speed with -8% Pitch Adjustment.

Variable Speeds, Granular Pitch Adjustments with Low Noise & Distortion.

150% original speed

Fast, clear and is easy to understand. This faster tempo is good for certain situations yet is important to retain listener experience.

If your business is interested in the Advertising opportunities provided by Professional Voice Over Recordings then we’d love to hear about your business today.