Long Island Technology News – Using Advanced Technologies to Automate Publication

Long Island Technology News is a custom software development project utilizing an in house WordPress Plugin. This plugin uses Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence technologies to process approximately 100 different news sources. These news sources are aggregated into a single platform, saving time and providing transformative processing – allowing its visitors to “Read Between the News” Here are two videos further detailing how this technology works.


POSHBums Brand – Raising Your Bum One Step at a Time

Your informative guide to Fashion, Food, Fun, and More. Whether you’re interested in Elegant Fashion Trends, Swanky Events or Ritzy Foods your POSHBum will appreciate the information made available at POSHBums! This Web Site includes an integrated eCommerce platform that provides an automated solution for selling fashion products including Shirts, Yoga Pants, Hats and more. This site, in total, has three revenue streams: AdWords, Amazon Affiliate Ads & an eCommerce Platform. Beyond this, the POSH Brand also includes other affiliate sites that concentrate on alternate client segments.

Fan2See Sports - The Next Step in Fantasy Sports

Fan2See Sports – The Next Step in Fantasy Sports

By combining the camaraderie of season long fantasy sports formats with the immediate payout promised by daily fantasy sports, Fan2See Sports will not only revolutionize how we enjoy fantasy sports but also the industry itself. Fan2See Sports is an in venue Fantasy Sports experience that combines revolutionary Patent Protected technology that utilized a distributed cloud based data-distribution network. If you would like more information about our technology, investor opportunities or more then please visit their web site.